About my Work . . .

It’s all about my love of the natural world, and how I am fascinated by the changing effects of light and atmosphere on rural landscape. It is always a challenge to try to coax watercolour to evoke the patterns and colours of nature, its moods, presence and space. I want to remind viewers of days in the country, walks in the hills or beside the sea and the feel of sun, wind and rain on the face. I know I’ve achieved this when I see that recognition.


Pastel portraits make up most of my commissioned work, from esteemed academics to much loved horses and prize-winning cattle. I find pastel lends itself beautifully to depicting the softness of skin and hair or fur, yet retains the complex details of light and shade that portraits demand.

This selection of work attempts to capture a series of precious moments in special places that fired my inspiration and are now presented here for you to share.


. . . and a bit about me


Since graduating from Durham University in 1985, I’ve painted professionally in watercolour and soft pastel and have exhibited paintings in many solo and joint exhibitions. Since exhibiting in New York, in 2003, most of my work is now sold in the United States of America, but closer to home, I find I am much in demand for portraiture. I work from my studio in the Pennines, an area which is a rich source of inspiration, with its beautiful landscape, history and ever changing weather!

Elvet Bridge Durham with artist Gillie Cawthorne
Elvet Bridge Durham with artist Gillie Cawthorne

















Gillie Cawthorne