Proud Swaledale

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Fine Swaledale tup at rest. Swaledale sheep are a mainstay native breed in The Pennines and are a delight to paint!  Watercolour on paper, 40 x 40cm. Please contact Gillie for price.

Snow Coo

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Highland Cow shrugging off winter snow. Watercolour on paper, 65 x 45cm. Please contact Gillie for price.

Galloway Gang watercolour

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Painting of curious Galloway cattle on a nearby farm. I loved the way the sunlight behind the cattle picked out their gingery highlights, steamy breath and buzzing flies! 50x20cm. Please get in touch for price.


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A hard-working woodpecker parent toils in the rain as its hungry chick shelters on the leeward side of a tree trunk. I hope it is paying attention! Watercolour painting 15 x 45cm. SOLD.

Zig Zag Sheep watercolour

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Swaledale sheep meandering through winter snow in The Pennines. Watercolour painting 45 x 30cm. SOLD at Upfront Gallery 2020 Winter Open Exhibition and was voted the visitors’ favourite in the exhibition.